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    Amazon Smile. You Shop. Amazon Gives. It’s that time of the year! Holiday shopping is on our minds (already!) and I know a lot of you use Amazon to get great deals on your holiday presents. Did you know you can purchase your Amazon items while supporting Pretend City Children’s Museum! It’s easy! Just use this link, login, and it will instruct you to choose a charitable organization to contribute to. You can search for Pretend City Children’s Museum in the search bar, select our location, and voila! Start shopping and watch those dollars grow towards our museum and building better brains! While you are buying your holiday items, be sure to use that link and give back to your favorite children’s museum! We use these charitable donations towards art supplies for our monthly Family Autism Nights. These free events are specifically for families with a member on the spectrum, and allows them to enjoy our museum at their own pace. During this holiday season, Amazon is looking for inspirational charity stories to share! If you have a story of how your Amazon Smile purchase can impact Pretend City, please spread the word! Post a photo or a video of […]

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  • Music Matters in Early Childhood Development

    Music Exposure can be an Essential Component in Early Childhood Education and Development. Pretend City worked together with musicians, educators and others to open a musical exhibit dedicated to a musical learning environment. It is important for parents and educators to understand the importance of this type of play and learning. Music is a natural and important part of young children’s growth and development. Like language development, young children develop musically through a predictable sequence that can be triggered through singing in tune and marching to a beat. Children practice and engage different parts of the brain when experimenting and observing different instruments. Including this type of activity ensures a comprehensive learning experience. Our new exhibit will encourage active participation in a life-long appreciation of music. Our exhibit will host a variety of authentic percussion and string instruments to introduce young children to key developmental concepts such as rhythm, tone, and expressive movement. Parents and caregivers can help children identify high and low tones, show them different rhythms, and join them in making melodies and singing their own songs. Follow Pretend City on Facebook! Purchase your tickets to the grand opening today! Gardner, H. Frames of Mind. New York: Basic Books, […]

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  • Igniting Potential

    “The more we give to a cause, the more precious the cause becomes.” – Lucy Wheelock 24 hours. 12 Organizations. 1 Cause. September 12, 2018. In past years, Pretend City held 24 hour giving days once a year. Remember, #iheartoc? Together, we celebrated our mini city, early child education, and what it means to be part of a vibrant, unique, and fun educational community. We have the opportunity this year to build on the success of past giving days through a re-envisioned campaign collaborating with 11 other nonprofits that help Orange County’s youth. Igniting Potential, A Giving Day to Support the Youth of Orange County, is taking action to help shape Pretend City’s future. When we all give, even the smallest gifts add up to make a significant difference. When we come together, we inspire generosity. This year, we look forward to Igniting Potential on September 12, and we invite everyone – parents, grandparents, volunteers, board members, staff, and community leaders, to support the museum by making a gift and sharing what Pretend City means to you. Collectively, we believe in the importance of collaboration, diversity, accomplishment, and a sense of belonging. As we focus on these values, it is […]

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  • Dream it, Draw it, Build it

    Our summer exhibit is here! Join Pretend City all summer long for our new summer exhibit Dream it. Draw it. Build it! This new exhibit draws inspiration from big dreamers, drawers, and builders in the community and provides children a hands-on experience. “An interactive hands-on experience is vital for children,” said Sandra Bolton, Executive Director of Pretend City Children’s Museum. “The Dream it, Draw it, Build it exhibit will encourage children to explore all aspects of architecture and design by visualizing a concept and making that concept a reality. We are very fortunate to have this exhibit design sponsored by Ware Malcomb.” Dream it. Draw it. Build it. Exhibit Components: Zone 1: Inspiration/ Process/ Methodology Children can bring their dreams to life with a dress-up corner and inspiration wall! Zone 2: Drawing/ Planning/ Thinking Kids experiment with drafting tools and explore brainstorming processes during the initial stages of design. Zone 3: Applying/ Building/ Materiality Three free play activities are available for kids to collaborate and experiment and they can take their sketches they created in the previous zones and bring them to life! Daily themes will carry out through the summer and provide unique and fun activities designated for each day. […]

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  • Research at Pretend City

    Partnership with UCI My name is Ashley and I am a PhD student from UC Irvine currently studying Social Development. I, along with undergraduate research assistants, have been conducting a series of studies at Pretend City Children’s Museum for the past two years. We are investigating how children understand conflicts between individuals. A perfect example of this type of conflict is illustrated in the famous Dr. Suess story, The Zax. It begins: “One day, making tracks In the prairie of Prax, Came a North-Going Zax And a South-Going Zax. And it happened that both of them came to a place Where they bumped. There they stood. Foot to foot. Face to face. The story ends with the Zax stuck in their same position, refusing to budge.” In our study, we show infants and children a puppet show that is a lot like the Zax—one puppet wants to cross from left to right across the stage, and one wants to cross from right to left across the stage. However, in our puppet show the conflict is resolved—one of the puppets politely bows down and moves out of the way allowing the other puppet to reach its goal. Then, we present the […]

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