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Work and Play: Creative Ways to Make Chore Time Fun

Introducing developmentally appropriate chores to your child teaches responsibility and independence. Having a regular chore schedule they can adhere to builds their sense of time management and ability to think ahead. They also build confidence when they can complete tasks on their own. 

To make chores more fun, try incorporating play into regular cleaning activities:

Treasure hunt: Encourage your child to search for a hidden item, or piece of “treasure”. As they search for the treasure, motivate your child to organize their belongings. Once they find the missing item, celebrate the cleaning that took place during your hunt!

Dance Party: Turn on a song that your child loves to wiggle too. Turn a dance party into a cleaning party and shake across the space as you sort the items into their place.

Race against the clock: Can your child put their clothes away before the timer rings? Can they make their bed before the song is up? Challenge your child to complete simple cleaning tasks to set new records. You can even Host the “Clean Your Room Olympics” with different events like “Putting your toys away” or “Sorting Laundry”.

Create a story: Use your imagination! With your child, create a story involving simple cleaning tasks. For instance, tell your child that they need to clean their room for a magical wizard to unlock a portal to Outer space!

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