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With Coronavirus being a growing concern, we should be prepared to talk with our children about this epidemic. It’s important to regularly follow healthy habits and procedures throughout the day to keep away germs and bacteria. 

Whether it be washing hands or covering a cough or sneeze, make sure to demonstrate the proper precautions alongside your child. Instead of making clean up a chore, make it fun and educational. This will help children understand the importance of staying healthy while relating it to their world. 

What if your child is scared about what is going on? Make sure to stay calm and be there for your child when questions arise and relay accurate information. It’s important to help them understand why changes are happening and what you are doing as a family to avoid Coronavirus. To help them feel safe, keep up with daily routines such as bedtime and designated family time. 

Have to cancel something fun? It’s hard for children to understand why their birthday party is cancelled, or why you aren’t headed to the park for the day as usual. Let them know you’ll still be having fun at home! Here are some fun and educational activities to avoid the sadness:

Start the conversation today and remain calm, practice everyday healthy habits and make it fun! For more information visit: 

Center for Disease Control: Talking with Children

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