November 2018

  • Helpful Tips to Prevent your Child from Getting Sick

    Will my child get sick after visiting Pretend City? And more FAQ’s… As an educational facility, Pretend City Children’s Museum works diligently to provide a safe, educational and clean environment. We would like to answer our guests frequently asked questions about the cleaning procedures in the Museum. We have also researched what parents can do to ensure their children avoid becoming ill after visiting places where many children gather. What are Pretend City’s cleaning procedures? Pretendgineers start the day early, before we open, with cleaning procedures. Our staff is provided with safe odorless hospital grade cleaners to clean the exhibits, toys, and high-touch areas. Janitorial staff vacuum the floor, clean the restrooms and empty all the trashcans before opening and at the end of each day. Staff also conduct top of the hour sanitizing (you may have seen the sanitizing stations throughout the Museum.) Costumes are washed on a daily rotation. Hand sanitizer, Kleenex and garbage cans can be found throughout the museum for convenient use, and baby wipes in the art area and by the changing table. Staff sanitizes “loose parts” of exhibits regularly, including baby toys, grocery store items, blocks, trucks, etc. We have special baskets for items that have been in […]

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  • #GivingTuesday – Donate Today

    Today is  #GivingTuesday! We are asking you to help enrich the Pretend City Developing and Discovering Diversity Program. Wouldn’t you agree? We want our children to grow up feeling great about themselves, their family, and their community. Wouldn’t you agree? We want our children to appreciate our cultural differences and similarities while feeling comfortable in experiencing new cultures. Wouldn’t you agree? We want our children to grow up with positive experiences that challenge stereotypical thinking. So do we! Pretend City’s Developing and Discovering Diversity Program allows us to celebrate the many cultures and traditions that make up the tapestry of Orange County and beyond. Pretend City’s Lunar New Year Celebration 2017 Your donation, big or small, will directly benefit the children at Pretend City by providing meaningful, fun, and age-appropriate cultural experiences including: Expanding cultural celebrations Cafe exhibit – each cafe changeover brings new programming Home Exhibit – How are our families alike and different? Professional Development Community Partnerships We can’t do it alone. Please give here. Thank you!

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  • Top 10 Key Elements to Raising Healthy Children

    Top 10 Elements toward Raising Healthy Children As a pediatrician and expert in childhood obesity, people often ask me: What are key elements to raising healthy children? I was brainstorming and decided to answer that question with a top 10 list: 1. Enjoy family meals. When children participate in family meal times, they are more likely to eat healthier foods. Routine meals together also give children a sense of stability and belonging. Focus table talk on making children feel loved for who they are as individuals and not if they are eating certain foods or how much. Use meal times as a base camp to nourish each other with love and food. Children can also help with skills such as food preparation, cooking, and cleaning up. 2. Serve water and white milk only. In my practice, it is evident that sugary drinks are likely the biggest culprit contributing to obesity, cavities, pre-diabetes, and many more health conditions. Even 100% fruit juice is not recommended. Sports drinks, sodas, lemonade, yogurt drinks, chocolate milk, and fruit juices should not be kept in your refrigerator. While these sugary drinks may trickle in at parties or when out at restaurants, keep them out of […]

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  • Shop Amazon Smile with Pretend City!

    Amazon Smile. You Shop. Amazon Gives. It’s that time of the year! Holiday shopping is on our minds (already!) and I know a lot of you use Amazon to get great deals on your holiday presents. Did you know you can purchase your Amazon items while supporting Pretend City Children’s Museum! It’s easy! Just use this link, login, and it will instruct you to choose a charitable organization to contribute to. You can search for Pretend City Children’s Museum in the search bar, select our location, and voila! Start shopping and watch those dollars grow towards our museum and building better brains! While you are buying your holiday items, be sure to use that link and give back to your favorite children’s museum! We use these charitable donations towards art supplies for our monthly Family Autism Nights. These free events are specifically for families with a member on the spectrum, and allows them to enjoy our museum at their own pace. During this holiday season, Amazon is looking for inspirational charity stories to share! If you have a story of how your Amazon Smile purchase can impact Pretend City, please spread the word! Post a photo or a video of […]

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