Good To Go From Head To Toe

  • Pretend City’s Child-Development Initiative

    Good To Go From Head To Toe, Pretend City Children’s Museum’s child-development initiative, educates parents, caretakers and the community about the importance of having children (0-5) receive regular developmental checkups as part of routine, well-child visits. Research shows children learn best and develop optimally through meaningful play and hands-on learning experiences.

    Pretend City’s Good To Go initiative enables the organization to educate more families about the importance of regular developmental checkups and engage families in meaningful play with their children.

    The classes and special events offered by Good To Go help parents and caretakers engage with their children to support the development of:

    • Movement and muscle skills
    • Communication and expression of emotions
    • Play and social skills
    • Thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Good To Go’s Mission

    A child’s brain and body develop so rapidly in the early years. The Good To Go From Head To Toe initiative recognizes that these are the most critical developmental stages for your child. Good To Go has been designed to help parents/caretakers understand their child’s development every step of the way. 

    Through community outreach, readily available resources and on-site screening events and educational classes, the Good To Go From Head To Toe initiative educates parents/caretakers about what developmental milestones are, how to assess developmental milestones and encourages regular developmental checkups.

    Play With A Purpose

    Good To Go From Head To Toe encourages play and learning! Through your child’s play, you can recognize emerging abilities and stay on track of his or her healthy development. Play is essential to all areas of development – so encourage your child to explore, wonder, try and learn – while you do the same!

    Come play and learn with us at Pretend City Children’s Museum! View our calendar of events.

    American Academy of Pediatrics

    Read the latest from the American Academy of Pediatrics and their prescription for PLAY. Click here


  • Developmental Checkups

    Developmental checkups are the simplest and fastest way for you to understand and gauge your child’s growth and development. Developmental checkups are most often performed by a medical provider, but parents and caretakers can also do them at home through the Ages and Stages Questionnaire that is available in the lobby of Pretend City and online.

    Through regular developmental checkups, you can successfully track your child’s milestones and be aware of what to expect in the days, months and years to come as your child grows. Click here to learn how. 

    Monthly Programs

    Good To Go offers monthly programs that provide developmental screenings and other community resources. From Baby Steps, Way To Play Days, and Family Autism Events, your child will grow to their greatest potential! Click here to learn more about our monthly programs.