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    The museum is a unique community resource offering free developmental screenings and tools for families, educators and community agencies working to ensure that each child gains the experiences needed to discover their potential and build toward a productive and fulfilling future.


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    Through 17 interactive exhibits and activities guided by a highly trained professional staff, children learn foundational math, reading and science skills, while fostering curiosity, creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, organization, teamwork, self-confidence and socialization. Learn more about them below.

  • Amphitheater

    When I perform...
    I learn to express myself and develop self-confidence. I am building my social-emotional

    Art Studio

    When I create art...
    I exercise my imagination. I am building my creativity and fine motor skills.


    When I bank...
    I learn about numbers and concepts of addition, subtraction, sorting and categorizing. I am building my math skills.


    When I protect the beach...
    I learn about cause and effect. I am building my leadership skills.

    Construction Site

    When I build...
    I learn to use number concepts like more, less, longer and shorter. I am building geography and
    social skills.


    When I cook...
    I learn about multi-cultural dishes. I am building my understanding and appreciation of

    City Hall

    When I clock my work hours...
    I learn to follow directions and act responsibly. I am building social and leadership skills.

    Emergency Services

    When I enforce the law
    or fight fires...

    I learn to listen, to review maps and plan efficient routes. I am building problem solving and teamwork skills.


    When I farm...
    I learn the process of food going from farm to table. I am building my critical thinking and negotiation skills.

    Gas Station

    When I work in the gas station...
    I learn to problem solve and the concept of trial and error. I am building fine motor and critical thinking skills.

    Grocery Store

    When I stock the store...
    I learn about the concept of weight, length and capacity. I am building pre-math concepts.

    Health Center

    When I play doctor...
    I learn about my body and how it works. I am building my vocabulary, science skills and strengthening my fine
    motor skills.


    When I help at home...
    I learn to count, follow directions and accept responsibility. I am building cooperation and
    teamwork skills


    When I play in the water...
    I learn to experiment with objects that sink and float.
    I am building my pre-physics skills

    Orange Plaza

    When I crawl... I learn about cause and effect while scooting and rolling. I am building balance and coordination.

    Post Office

    When I deliver the mail... I am using my knowledge of colors, shapes, and sizes. I am building math, critical thinking and problem solving skills.

    Real Cafe

    Pretend City also offers a nut-free table area for families to take a break. Healthy snacks are available from vending machines but nut-free
    outside food is
    also allowed.