Pretend City Goes Green

Pretend City Goes Green

An Educational Initiative focusing on going green and reducing waste in our community sponsored by OC Waste & Recycle

Pretend City Goes Green is an educational initiative designed to educate the community, grown-ups and children about the importance of waste reduction in our community. Through activities and programming that focuses on the “Four R’s” – recycling, reducing, reusing, and rebuilding, Pretend City hopes that families will be encouraged to build new habits that lend to living an environmentally sound lifestyle.

Why Go Green?

  • According to the EPA, the waste produced per person per day has increased to 4.3 pounds
  • Pre-packaged foods, toys, sanitary items and more are contributing to 251 million tons of waste each year
  • Californian’s alone create 1.06 tons of waster per person each year

Through environmental education and eco-friendly actions these numbers can be reduced significantly.

Simply Put

Ensure that your family has a safe and healthy community for current and future generations.

Play with a Purpose

Pretend City is an environment that fosters and encourages learning through play! There are many different areas of learning that are covered when your child plays at Pretend City and now we have added one more, environmental education.

While your child explores the exhibits and works with our well trained and educated staff of early childhood educators, they will begin to have an understanding of a wide variety of concepts that will help them understand the importance of waste reduction and following the Four R’s!

Member’s Go Green

As part of our play with a purpose activities, each month there will be a specially dedicated day for our members to go green with us.

Our City Goes Green

Pretend City understands that in order for families to support us going green our physical environment must lend itself easily to reducing waste. To that end, Pretend City has introduced some new items to the city:

  • Current recycling bins have been updated in an eye-catching design to easily identify where recyclables go
  • We have introduced only green certified cleaning and sanitizing products
  • All products found in our restrooms are certified as green